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Michel Serrault was born on January 24, 1928 in Brunoy (the Essonne, France) in a modest and Christian family. He follows religious studies, but is also attracted by the trade of clown. It is finally towards the world of the spectacle that it will be turned at the end of its adolescence. In 1949, it forms part of the troop of the "Branquignols". It quickly becomes a pillar impossible to circumvent of comic French and if these first appearances with the cinema are not all exemplary, Michel Serrault bursts himself with the theatre with his friend and accessory Jean Poiret in sketches laughing. The true recognition of the public intervenes in 1978 when the duet mounts on scene "the Cage To Insane".

Success is enormous and the part will be played more than 1500 times before being taken again with the cinema. Consequently, Michel Serrault plays of the roles more packed and dramatic as in "Pile or face", "Police custody", "the red ibis", etc. For proof of its immense talent, it receives three Césars: the first in 1979 for its greater success, "the Cage With Insane"), in 1982 for "Police custody" and in 1996 for "Nelly And Mr Arnaud". July 29, 2007, Michel Serrault dies of the continuations of a long disease. In more than one half-century of career, it played in some 135 full-length films (without speaking about the telefilms and the plays) and leaves an impressive heritage.

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Michel Serrault
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