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Seigner Emmanuelle

Helene Ségara was born on February 26, 1971 with Six-Furnace-The-Beaches (France) from an Italian father and a mother of Armenian origin. In 1979, a divorce obliges Helene to live with her mother with whom it maintains the conflict relations. At 11 years, supported by her grandparents, it takes part in a contest which it gains. The organizer sees as a future Helene professional, but his/her parents oppose so that it is directed towards an artistic career. The dreams of Helene are erased for a few times... A 14 years, it is placed in pension, then finally will live with his/her father. Pushed by its dreams, it leaves the school the following year. It occurs in bars, restaurant and various club of the Riviera. With the wire of the months, then years, it creates for itself a vast repertory comprising approximately 1200 titles, recoveries French and Anglo-Saxon. Maximum CD leaves in 1993, success is not with go and to give a real chance to bore in the trade, Helene Ségara decides into 1996 to leave the Riviera for the capital.

She foams the houses of discs, sings sometimes in the office of producers for lack of models. This Parisian life costs him much, but Helene clings. Finally a producer, impressed by his voice, decides to occupy himself of his career: Orlando (brother and producer of Dalida). A first individual fate of this collaboration: "I Love You Good-bye". Success is with go, but what will propel the beautiful Helene at the top of the hits remains to be come: the musical "Our-injury of Paris". Its service in the role of Esméralda is noticed of all. Also when Helene leaves its first album ("Heart Of Glass") the public accomodates it cordially and the course of the 600000 sold specimens is quickly reached. It summarizes the states of heart of an at the same time modern and romantic young woman. During two years Helene Ségara is beautiful Esméralda, but in 1999, tiredness and the stress come to end from the young woman. Its vocal cords are in danger and an emergency operation must be practised. Helene benefits from this rest forced to prepare its second album. She writes six texts on this second album and the tubes are connected with the first places its hits. With "In the name of a Woman" Helene is devoted Meilleure Female Interpreter of the year to the Victories of the Music 2001. This recognition of the public did not fail to date and Helene Ségara remains one of the favorite singers of the French. Its album "Human" (left in 2003) and tubes it "L’Amour Is a Sun" consolidates this place in the heart of the public and with its last opus "When the eternity" left in 2006 on which it signs almost the totality of the texts, Helene Ségara shows once again all its talent.

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Helene Segara
Singer Helene Segara
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