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Michel Sardou was born in Paris on January 26, 1947. Wire of the actors Fernand and Jacky Sardou Michel has the occasion to haunt as of its youth the corridors of the Parisian varieties and to follow his/her parents in round. After "painful" studies, Michel starts to take courses of theatre and meets Michel Fugain with whom it writes some of his first songs. The evening, it sings in various cabarets. It signs a hearing at Barclay, obtains a contract and records its first 45 turns in 1965 (Madras).

It is pointed out in 1967 with "the Yankees", his fourth 45 turns, unconditional defense of the United States, at one time when the movement of protest against the war of Vietnam did not cease developing. The title is interdict of diffusion to the radio Frenchwoman.

The Seventy represents a turning in its life: birth of its first child, Sandrine, and meets with Vline Buggy, parolière of Hugues Aufray and Claude François. The tubes are connected ("the popular Balls", "And to die of pleasure", "I live in France") because the public discovers in him a reassuring image of true popular, and committed singer. He found his way, which he never gave up, as testify "France to it" (1976), "I am for" (1976), manifest song for the death penalty, "the Time of the colonies" (1977), "Verdun" (1979). Michel Sardou is made the cantor of the silent majority, hatreds, of the resentments, but, paradoxically, it supported the action of the Restaurants of the cœur and recognized the merits of the socialist government of François Mitterrand. Its interviews published in the press did nothing but reinforce its image of anti-intellectual, anti-homosexual and spokesman of the "silent majority!".

Michel Sardou is an artist particularly appreciated for his scenic services (in February 99, it receives the Victoire of the Music for the 573.900 spectators come to applaud it Paris and in province), whose repertory is not reduced to songs with scandal: he created some large successes, like the Lakes of Connemara (1981). Its durable success is also due to the fact that it secured collaboration of type-setters like Jacques Revaux and lyric writers such as Pierre, Pierre Billon. Without agreeing inevitably with the positions protested by Michel Sardou, the public recognizes in him a singer who takes part with courage in the debates of company, for proof, it is classified second preferred personality of French in 2004. After four years of silence Michel returns in 2004 with a new album "Of the Pleasure", perfect alchemy of very fine wordss and splendid musics. In 2006, Michel Sardou returns with "Except Format" a strong album to the texts which should still once allure the fans.

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Michel Sardou
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