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Sardou Michel

Carlos Santana was born on July 20, 1947 in Mexico. He grows in a musical universe, rocked by the music his father, violonist of mariachi. He is attracted by the guitarists of blues and as of age the twelve years he plays in local groups. In 1963, it leaves with his parents for the United States. In parallel with its studies, it devotes a great part of its leisures to the music and goes up in 1966 its first group "Santana Blues Band". The group is pointed out by Graham Hill and multiplies her appearances in concert as in Woodstock where the public melts literally for this music rock'n'roll tinted of rates/rhythms latino which is the trademark of Carlos Santana. Following this mythical concert, the group records its first album. The years which follow are only recognition and success for this international artist.

Following multiple change of groups and with the evolution of the musical modes, a such reappearing phoenix of its ashes, it knew with final imposing its personal mark and to attract the public, for proof, its million albums sold and the rewards accepted throughout the world. Since the beginning of the Nineties, it is done rarer in the vats, but each new album is a magic event: "Supernatural" in 1999 or "Shaman" in 2002 or "All That I Am" in 2005 is the illustration, proving that Carlos Santana is large a rock'n'roll stars, a superstar.

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Carlos Santana
Guitarist Carlos Santana
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