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Veronique Marie-Line Sanson was born in Boulogne-Billancourt on April 24, 1949. Girl of a lawyer music lover, it follows as of her youth of the courses of piano. In 1966, during the holidays of summer, Veronique and her Violaine sister make the meeting of François Beirheim and decide to assemble a group: "The Martin Rock". Veronique leaves the FAC and enters in studio with her group, it is there that it makes the meeting of Michel Berger. The group records two 45 turns which do not meet success then Veronique is tested in solo, without more success. However, it continues to work, and leaves in 1972 its first album, "In love". The vibrato of its voice posed on a music jazzie-blues-rock'n'roll ends up finding its public. The following year, it marries Stephen Stills and share food in the United States. It gives rise to their Christopher son in 1974 and records several album of which famous "Vancouver".

In 1983, divorced and return in France, Veronique her public in 1985 with an album and a round finds. It takes part in the adventure of the "Dumbs" and in 1989 plays on scene with a symphony orchestra. In 1993, it receives the "Victoire of the Music of the Best Female Interpreter" for the album "Without regrets". In 1995, its marriage with Pierre Palmade makes smile, but Veronique does not stop with this kind of detail. In 1998, it leaves its 11 album studio "Indestructible" then the following year, "Of a Butterfly A a Star" album beginning again of the titles of Michel Berger. Then Veronique, disappears during a few times from the front from the scene, corroded by alcohol problems. A best of leaves however in 2001 with 3 news, but 2004 should be waited until to find it with new a opus "Long distance" in which his/her son takes part and who is a true resurrection.

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Veronique Sanson
Singer Veronique Sanson
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