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Henri Salvador Gabriel was born on July 18, 1917 in Sinnamary in Guyana. In 1924 the family moved to Paris Salvador. In 1933, Henri discovers music: a cousin he played Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington: it is an eye-opening experience. The profession of lawyer or doctor that his father wanted to see him learn goes definitely gone into limbo. In the same year 1933, he obtained his first guitar and spent hours to learn.
A labor force, he landed his first professional contract in an orchestra and participates in the creation of a jazz quartet for the opening of Jimmy's Bar.

At the time when it is on the point of becoming a true professional, the Second World War bursts. It is mobilized in 1939 then demobilized thanks to forged identity paperss in 1940. Henri passes then in free zone.
He plays in various formations and finished by being located by the leader more à.la.mode at that time: Raymond (Ray) Ventura. He will turn to France with him and his orchestra "the Schoolboys", then will leave in round to South America In 1944-1945, Henri begins even a career in solo in Brazil.
1945 mark its return in France. It continues to turn in all Europe with the schoolboys and in parall records its first discs solo at Polydor (Disease of love - clopant Clopin).
1950 are the year of the great event of its life. Whereas it plays the ABC Paris has fun, Henri notices in the forefront one charming woman equipped very with white. She is every evening there but does not decide to come to knock on the door of its cabin... In despair of cause, it accoquine with the gatekeeper so that he brings it to his next appearance. Control manu militari to the cabin of the artist, they were not going any more to be left one minute. Henri and Jacquine Garabedian marry a few weeks later, January 24, 1950. The destiny had just put close to him a partner who will be at the same time his wife, her "man" of businesses, his artistic director, his business manager, the P.D.G. of its house of discs.
Salvador, that whose laughter returns to you happy, will work during more than twenty years with sizes: Maurice Knight, Boris Vian with whom it will write more than 400 songs or even Quincy Jones, the American giant. Henri excs on scene, with te, the radio... composing also for Walt Disney, Blanche Snow and the seven dwarves, Aristochats.
In 1976, Jacquine dies, begins then a long period during which Henri work to preserve his fans more that to acquire some again. But on February 13, 1996, at the time of the Victories of the Music, Henri SALVADOR receives a price of special honor for the whole of its career. It is the great return of the man in white on the front of the scene. Great return which is confirmed with the success of its album "Room with sight", new a opus époustouflant. It gains a Victoire of the Music for her round in 2002. In 2006, Henri El Salvador east left to record his new album "Reverence" in Brazil. More crooner that never, the grandpa of the French song delivers all the extent of his talent to us. The title of this album announces the latest round of which Mr Henri bowing out to the scene on Dec. 21, 2007. On Feb. 13, 2008, Henri Salvador finally draws its reverence due to a break aneurysm. With her death, France loses a monument of the song and an outstanding ambassador. Goodbye, Mr Salvador.

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Henri Salvador
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