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Salvador Henri

Damien Saez was born on August 1, 1977. It is in Marseilles, then in Dijon, that the little boy sees his love for the music to grow. It thus decides to enter to the academy as of the 8 years age. Completely absorbed by the music, it passes the hours to make ranges on its piano. But it ends up being wearied and turns to an instrument much more "rock'n'roll", the guitar.
Damien is a complete artist, type-setter interprets, he also writes all the titles of his sublimes albums. Its taste for the writing comes to him from its French professor, whom he says being the "kind of anybody to make like the words".
Its career really begins in 1995, when it ventures in unknown zone: Paris, or it meets William Sheller who completely under the charm of these at the same time soft texts and provoc' proposes to him to help it.

Beautiful brown fate then its first album "Strange Days" in 1999, a wonder, a small perfection which allures the young French public. Young title the "and idiot" are a true success, and is diffused still today on many radios.
In 2001, it leaves its first collection poems, "A your name" and publishes its second album in March 2002. "God Blesse" is once more a success. Then it is in 2003, l’un creators of the BO of "Femme fatale".
Left on its impetus, charming it Saez does not stop any more, and leaves in 2004 new a opus, "Debbie" whose most known titles are "Debbie" and "Marie or Marylin".
The beautiful one, charming it, envoûtant it Saez of its fragile and soft voice makes succumb all the hearts of France with its texts multi kinds.

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