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Keri Russell was born on March 23, 1976 in Fountain Valley (California). It passes the greatest part of its childhood to Texas before moving in Mesa in Arizona. It is there that it starts to take courses of dance and takes part in many rounds as a member of Mesa Stars Dance and Drill TEAM. Keri makes a short passage in mannequinât, but it realizes quickly that it hates this trade and gives up quickly.

In 1991 it makes its first appearance in an emission of television ("All New Mickey Mouse Club"), it will take part in it during three years. It is thanks to this emission that it manages to put a foot on the plates of cinema and in 1992 it obtains its first role in "Darling, I increased baby". Inflated by this success, it leaves to the conquest the tele series ("a nanny of hell") and large screens ("Insane of samba")
In 1998, it acquires the fame with the series "Felicity" and makes vibrate the heart of thousands of teenagers. After four seasons, the series ends and Keri turns to the cinema while playing in various films which only one weak success and should be waited until 2006 meet to find the young woman in all her splendour at the sides of Tom Cruise in "Impossible Mission 3". The success of this film gives Keri on the voice of success and it will connect into 2006 the roles for the large screen ("August Rush", "Rohtenburg", etc.).

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Keri Russell
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