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Muriel Robin was born on August 2, 1955 in Montbrison from commercial parents from shoes. Mischievous child, it likes to make laugh his entourage and forgets its results of them school: it misses its baccalaureat and must be solved to work a few times for her parents. This life is not appropriate to him and in 1977, it decides to go up to Paris to try its chance in the world of the spectacle. It enters to the Course Florent and y makes the training of the trade. Muriel forms part of the actors to which Philippe Bouvard gives their chance in his "Small theatre of Bouvard" in 1983 and at once the young woman allures the public by her humour and her presence on scene. After a light unproductive period, Muriel makes the meeting of Pierre Palmade with whom it collaborates in the writing of his sketches and that starts again its career.

It connects the one-woman-show and becomes one of comic favorite of French, it also benefits from its notoriety to support "the Restaurants Of the heart". In 1997, it obtains its first true role for the cinema in "Visitors 2" and this experiment allures it at the point more to be able to occur from environment of the film sets ("Marie-Line" in 2000, "Saint-Jacob... Mecque "in 2005). Muriel does not forget any therefore to find its public in spectacles which it gives in province and in Paris, latest to date "With the Help!" with as usual gained an enormous success.

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Muriel Robin
Actress Muriel Robin
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