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Julie Fiona Robert was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna in the state from Georgie. She follows studies of journalism before like moving towards the career of actress her brother and her sister. In the middle of the Eighties, it settles in New York and saw odd jobs while multiplying the appearances with television and the cinema.
The first film which gives him a little success is "Mystic Pizza" in 1987. The following year, it turns with her brother in "Blood Red", then still a year later, it obtains its first great role in film "Pewters of women". It is noticed by the realizer Gary Marshal who proposes the role of Viviane Ward to him, who will remain for always in the memories, a prostitute which falls in love with a rich person billionaire (Richard Gere) in the film "Pretty Woman". With this film Julia gains the Golden delicious Earth of the best actress.

After this success Julia knows an unproductive period, the press and the public is interested more in its private life than with its films which pass unperceived. 1993 should be waited until to find it in a film which gains a real success: "the Business Pelican", then it is again the return in the shade until 1997 or Julia joins again with the public in "the Marriage of My Best Friend". The career of Julia is started again and the films with success are connected to arrive in 2000 at the world success of "Erin Brockovich" which is worth a Oscar of the best actress to him.
Two years later, it plays the first female part of "Ocean' S Eleven" (which it includes in "Ocean' S Twelve" in 2004), then in 2003, with the ridge of its career, Julia incarnates teaching with the spirit very open in "the Smile of Mona LISA". However if Julia Roberts with almost very to be happy: It is a star of the international cinema and has a husband who adores it (the cameraman Danny Moder, 35 years, that it married in July 2002). It however misses an essential thing for its blooming, a child. Its wishes most expensive was doubly filled on November 28, 2004 with the birth of its twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter.

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Julia Roberts
Actress Julia Roberts
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