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Minnie Riperton was born on November 8, 1947 in Chicago (the USA). Very young person it learns the ballet dancing later then is directed towards the song by integrating the choral society of its college. Quickly noticed for its voice, it signs, whereas it is only sixteen years old, its first contract to integrate a group of girl of the name of "The Gems One The Chess Lable" before joining the rock'n'roll group psyché "The Rotary Connection" of which it becomes leader in 1968. The following year Minnie marries the producer of the group (they have a girl in 1972 together: Maya Rudolph) and starts to work in solo while leaving a first album ("Come To My Garden") which does not meet success.

Minnie thus continues to occur in group then becomes chorus-singer of Stevie Wonder in 1972. It is him which produces its second album ("Perfect Angel") in 1974 with the title which makes it famous: "Lovin' You" in the beginning a lullaby for his/her daughter. In 1975 it records the title "Inside My Love" become traditional of soul music. Alas, the dream turns short in 1976 when Minnie learns that it suffers from a breast cancer. She fights against the disease and still records an album before dying on July 12, 1979. She leaves a musical heritage which influences still today largest like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera.

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Minnie Riperton
Singer Minnie Riperton
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