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Renaud Séchan was born on May 11, 1952 in Paris. The last born (with his/her twin brother) of a family of six child, it is raised by a working mother and a father professor of German and writer of detective novels at his hours in a favoured environment although modest. Raise with the school results shining, but impassioned little of policy and of social, Renaud engages very young person in the militancy, by taking share with the occupation of the Sorbonne lasting the events of May 68. It is at that time that he writes his first texts.

After May 68, it makes a final cross on its studies and decides to become actor. The beginnings are difficult but Renaud does not give up therefore, to ensure his subsistence, it passes from job in job. He plays a few times with Coluche and Romain Bouteille with the Coffee of the Station and plays in some telefilms.
Its taste for the writing is accentuated and since 1972 it traverses the capital to sing in the subway or at the exits of the cinemas. In 1975, Paul Lederman, producer of Coluche, help Renaud to put a first foot in the musical world, from this meeting is born its first album: "In love with Paname".
But they is two years later, with its album "Leaves Concrete" which it is truly made know of the public. Committed author, it hustles the company, with his incisive texts, with the words realistic and some anarchistic not very, the public find as a Renaud new carries word.
In 1980, its marriage with Domenica (whom it leaves at the end of the Nineties, it marries Romane Serda in August 2005), and the birth of their Lolita daughter, softens Renaud, making it more serene and more distant also of the social and political life. It carries out a career plus intimist.
In 1993, packed by the character of Renaud, the realizer Claude Berri offers to him the principal role of his super production Germinal, adaptation of the novel of Zola.
In the continuity of this experiment, it includes traditional songs chtimi and joins together them in an album: Renaud lays el' northern in 1993, album which receives the same year the Victoire of the Music of the best traditional album.
In 1995 it records an album in homage to Brassens with resumptions of its greater successes, then it is silence. In 1999, its divorce of with Domenica plunges it during one dark time which it will leave only in 2002 with the album "Din Hell", works of true rebirth greeted by all as a work of great quality which proves that Renaud remains one of the great figures of the contemporary French song. It marries Romane Serda in 2005 and they had a son (Malone) in 2006. It is this same year 2006 which Renaud returns with his new album "Red Blood", more incisive than ever and which of 24 titles brushes the portrait of one company to the drift and boot the bottom with all its dark actors of our world.

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