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Keanu Charles Reeves was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut (Lebanon) from a father from origins hawaïenne and Chinese and from an English mother. Until the divorce of his parents, it lives in Australia then follows his mother and her two sisters to New York, then in Toronto, Canada. Impassioned at all by the studies, it leaves the school at 17 years with the firm intention to become actor and begins his career in a Canadian televised series.

Engaged for a minor part in "Youngblood" of Peter Markle, at the sides of Patrick Swayze, it is especially pointed out in "River' S Edge" of Tim Hunter. Its service opens the door to him towards roles more consistent and it plays in "the dangerous connections" of Stephen Frears with Uma Thurman.
In 1989, it plays in "Bill and Tred' S excel adventure", and obtains the favours of American adolescence becoming by the same occasion true a sex-symbol.
Become a sure value of Hollywood, Keanu Reeves tries to escape from the image from young first and manages to be essential among the most accomplished actors of its generation. It connects turnings and the successes: "My Own Private Idaho" (1991), "Dracula" (1992), "Much of Noise For Nothing" (1993) or "Little Buddha" (1993).
In 1994, "Speed", of which it divides the poster with Sandra Bullock, brings an international recognition to him and marks a turning in its career which because the films which it makes thereafter are not triumphs.
Parallel to the cinema, Keanu s`interess with the music and occurs with low with the Dogstar group.
In 1999, the exit of the Matrix revolutionist gives a new breath to the career of Keanu. The film is one of the large cinematographic success of the year. For the two following episodes (2003) Keanu takes again its role. Its diary of work is already well filled for the months to come since it will be turn has turn, Sinbad, the adventurous sailor from "Thousand and One Nights", then police, gangster and architect before endorsing the costume of William Eaton in a historical adventure being held with the kingdom of Tripoli at the XIXème century.

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