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Christopher Reeve was born on September 25, 1952 in New York from a mother journalist and a father professor and writer. The Christopher young person grows in a cultural environment stimulating and parallel to its studies of music and English at the Cornell university, it learns the trade from actor in particular in famous Juilliard School of New York where it binds friendship with the actor Robin Williams. In 1978 it is retained, among 200 candidates, to hold the role of Superman. The film will be a great success and will be followed of three other shutters extended in 1981, 1983 and 1987. Christopher will try to leave to leave its role super hero while playing in several other films and telefilms and many plays, but its career stops on May 27, 1995 tragically, at the moment when its horse Eastern Express refuses the obstacle, sending it to the carpet with two broken cervical vertebrae and the divided spinal cord.

Christopher is left accuracy but remains paralysed from there below the shoulders and incompetent to breathe without assistance. Three years after its accident it turns for television the remake of "Windows On Court" of Alfred Hitchcock in whom it camped a paralysed photographer. Thereafter it does not find other roles and becomes a burning defender of genetic research. In 2002, it had opened with his Dana wife, in the New Jersey, a center of assistance and councils with paralysed. In 2004, it carries out its last cinematographic work, "Yankee Irving" a cartoon film before dying of a heart failure on October 10, 2004, leaving three children Matthew (1979), Alexandra (1983) and Will (1992) and remaining for always in our heads largest of Superman.

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Christopher Reeve
Actor Christopher Reeve
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