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Reeve Christopher

Red Hot Chili Peppers is formed in 1983 in Los Angeles by a band of high-school pupil a little shooté (Anthony Kiedis with the song, Hillel Slovak with the guitar, Michael Balzary with low and Jack Will go to the battery. Their first appearances on scenes are done naked and the group quickly becomes an attraction which attracts crowd and the houses of discs. EMI proposes a contract to them and the group (cut down temporarily by Jack Will go and Hillel Slovak which decides to follow another voice) leaves its first album éponyme which is a failure. The second opus of the group is not better invoice and it is necessary to wait until 1987 and the return of Jack and Hillel so that the career of the group takes off finally with "The Uplift Mofo Party Plane". Alas, the following year Hillel dies of an overdose and this Jack time Will go leaves the group definitively.

A new beater (Chad Smith) and a young guitarist of talent (John Frusciante) join Red Hot then and give a new dash to the group. Their albums are sold per million in the whole world and during three years the group will be to the signal of its career. However once more drug comes to blacken the table and, in 1992, John, battered, of the morning at the evening leaves the group. The years which follow see Red Hot Chili Peppers in full routs and the albums which they produce with difficulty does not meet success. It is necessary to wait until 1999 and the return of John, detoxicated, so that the group finds its will have antan with the album "Californication". Red Hot Chili Peppers finds their place in the heart of the public and the albums "By The Way" in 2002 and "Stadium Arcadium" are classified as of their exits in the signal of the best sales. In a little less than 25 years, Red Hot Chili Peppers knew to make evolve/move their music and are the proof that in spite of the bounces which mark their history the talent and the rock'n'roll never die.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers
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