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Axelle Red was born the 15 févier 1968 in Hasselt in Belgium. It catches very small the passion of the song and the dance and records at the fifteen years age its first title on a cassette demonstration under the pseudo one of "Faby", without any success. Wisely, it continues its studies and obtains a diploma of right. But the world of the music catches up with it and envies it to sing of Axelle is stronger than all. Its meeting with the Seff brothers will be determining. They write its first individual "Kennedy Boulevard to him" who is platinum disc in Belgium. Axelle continues on its launched and thus signs a contract with Virgin the result and the exit of its first album in 1993: "Without Waiting More". Several titles like "Sensuality" or "I wait to you" are genuine paperboards. Axelle traverses the French-speaking world length into broad to promote its album and the public must wait until 1996 to find it in the vats with "A Touch".

In 1998 it sings at the sides of Youssou Dour the anthem of the world cup of football in front of two billion televiewers. It is this same year that it gives rise to her first daughter whom it has with Filip Vanes her husband and producer (they had one second girl since). Its third album, "Always Me" is worth a Victoire of the Music to him and it is sold to date to more than one million specimens. The public in redemande and Axelle becomes exhausted in an interminable round. It decides to mark a pause in its career and it is Renaud who makes it reconsider the front of the scene in 2002 with the duet "Manhatan Kabul". The same year, it leaves "Face A/Face B", album which it entirely wrote and composed proving once more if it of it were necessary that Axelle Red has all the talents. In 2006, for its new opus "Secret Garden" Axelle is surrounded of an American production to deliver 15 small jewels of which it has the secrecy.

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Axelle Red
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