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Raphaël Haroche was born on November 7 1975 from a Russian father and an Argentinian mother. As of its youth it is impassioned for the music and learns the piano very early, then turns to the guitar. It finds in the music a loophole and leaves the university to be devoted to its passion. It enters the artistic world by taking down some figurations for the cinema, but employment greatest party of its time to creation. In 1999, feeling finally ready, it presents a model at a house of discs which signs a contract at once to him.

Under the influence of the figures the pop one and traditional song which made it grow (David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jacques Brel, Léo Ferré, etc), Raphaël prints its style on the revival of the French rock'n'roll with its texts without concessions which envoûtes or aggravates, but does not leave indifferent. The album "Hotel Of the universe" does not meet a great success, but remains promising for the continuation of the career of Raphaël. After multitudes in concerts, Raphaël returns in 2003 with its second album "the Reality" which brings finally the recognition to him of a large audience in particular thanks to the titles "On the Road" or "ô Compagnons". In 2005, Raphaël leaves its third album "Caravan" in which it once more takes along the listener in his so particular world filled with emotions. It joined this public in a series in concerts to the four corners of France and leaves by the same occasion its first album live at the end of 2006: "Resistance A The Night".

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