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Susheela Raman was born in London on July 20 1973 emigrating parents tamouls who move in Australia when Susheela is four years old. It is there that his/her mother teaches to him the bases of the traditional music Indienne. It is however towards another musical style that it is turned to adolescence by singing blues rock'n'roll in clubs of Sydney. After several years to survey the clubs, Susheera decides to return to the sources of its musical culture while leaving for India to improve. Finally feeling lends, it leaves to settle in London in 1997 when it is shown on the front of the scene and is not long in making known itself with its tinted so particular music multiple Indian elements. In 2001, it leaves its first album "Salt Rain" which is sold with more than 200 000 specimens.

After a second album ("Trap Coils") with success less important than the precedent, Susheela returns in 2005 with "Music For Crocodiles", album with the scientist mixes traditional song and of soul funk which confirms that Susheela has an incredible talent and knew to forge its own musical universe. In 2007, it leaves an album ("33 1/3") on which it takes again, with its manner, of traditional of Hendrix, Nirvana, Dylan, etc. In the space of eleven titles it us replonge in his world and it is a true pleasure of following it.

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Susheela Raman
Singer Susheela Raman
Photography of Susheela Raman


Susheela Raman little wall

Wallpaper Susheela Raman

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