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The Queen group appears in England in the Sixties following the meeting of two geniuses of the music, Brian May and Faroock Bulsara (alias Freddie Mercury).
Brian May begins the guitar at the seven years age and melts ten years later its first group named "1984". In 1967, it plays in first part of Jimi Hendrix, which is worth a great success to him, but tensions are made feel within the group, the members thus decide suivrent their way separately.
After that, Brian decides retenter its chance by melting a new group, Bulsara, Taylor and Deacon joins it, the four become Queen in 1970.

It is in 1971 that they sign their first contract at Trident, a label little known which enables them to record an album entitled Queen. Without much success but drawing all the same the attention of the public from their originality, Queen work hard on their two following albums, Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack but without great results. And it is in 1975 that Freddie Mercury and its companions take down stars with new a opus, "A Night At the Opera" whose "Bohemian Rhapsody comes out from it", "Somebody to Love", "We will Rock You" or "We are the Champion".
But the members of this formation are not that marvellous singers and incredible musicians, are also show man, animals of scene which offer extraordinary spectacles at the time of their appearances.
They offer to their public during ten years the chance to attend the concerts which they give during their interminable and spectacular rounds.
Five new albums will leave until 1991, all more splendid than the precedents. Their tubes are moreover accompanied by clips laughing, astounding, upsetting. Queen touches the whole world, until November 23 1991 day during which Freddie Mercury, singer and leader of the group to the surprising personality die after a long period of anguish (of with the AIDS).
The group dies in this 23 November 1991 at the same time as dies out the joy in life of the three talented musicians and friends of Rockstar. However, for commercial reasons, Queen takes again service and the best-of, republications, tributes and other Cd and dvd with the glory of Freddie and group leave at an intensive pace, without forgetting some original titles and appearances on scene to maintain the myth.

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