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Freddie was born on March 8, 1976 in Los Angeles in California. It passes its childhood to Albuquerque to New Mexico. His/her father, Freddie Prinze Senior, were a very known actor with television for his role in Chico and the Man. It committed suicide whereas his/her son had only 10 months. Freddie was not a very good pupil and hardly paid attention to the courses. On the other hand, its interest for the dramatic art is obvious and as of its youth it enters a school of theatre. Its schooling is completed in 1994 and it starts to audition for roles with television.

The same year, it moves in Los Angeles. The young man does not have money nor of formation but the will to go on the traces of his/her father is stronger than all. It takes its first steps with television in an episode of Family Matter. Then, it makes its beginnings with the cinema in "For the love of Gillian". Freddie plays there the part of the boy friend of Claire Danes. It is illustrated then in a last black comedy rather unperceived in the media: "The House of Eyes".
The year 1997 is that of success for young American. With fantastic film "Remember You... Last Summer", it becomes the whooping-cough of the female public which falls under its charm. In 1998, it plays in the second shutter, then launches out in a series of film for teenagers among whom "It is too well" in 1999 or Servant boys And Girls in 2000.
Freddie Prinze Jr is also illustrated in the science fiction with Wing Comander in 1999, or the film adaptation of Scooby-Doo in 2002 (then Scooby-Doo 2 in 2004). It is during the turning of this film that it makes the knowledge of Sarah Michelle Gellar with whom it husband on September first, 2002 in Mexico. A marriage which did not cost absolutely anything the couple since they resold the entirety of the photographs of their marriage to a magazine. The money which was versed to them completely refunded the expenses of the ceremony and what it remained was versed with a œuvre of charity.

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Freddie Prinze Junior
Actor Freddie Prinze Junior
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