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LISA-Marie Presley was born on February 01, 1968 in Memphis (the USA). She is the girl of Elvis Presley, the largest singer of the history of the rock'n'roll. Benefitting from the colossal fortune gained by her father, it carries out a gilded life and makes a long time speak about it in the heading made various. In 1988 it marries a singer of rock'n'roll, Danny Keogh, with which it has two children (Danielle, born on May 29, 1989 and Benjamin born on October 21, 1992). In 1994, she divorces her rockor to marry Michael Jackson with whom she will remain two years, then she Marie in 2002 with Nicolas Cage (she leaves it in 2004) and finally seems to find a goal with her life while working with the recording of an album "To Whom it May Concern" which finally enables him to be pointed out for another thing that its name. Without to be extraordinary originalities, the titles, pop rock'n'roll are listened with pleasure and leaves a good impression. In 2005, it returns with new a opus ("Now What") and, if it is not easy to be the girl of King, the pretty LISA-Marie does not leave herself there rather badly while delivering a rather interesting rock'n'roll on which she releases herself at the point to become about it attaching.

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Lisa Marie Presley
Singer Lisa Marie Presley
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