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Presley Lisa-Marie

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo in Mississippi (the USA), but passes a part of his adolescence to Memphis. It is there that in 1953, in full musical revolution, it records two titles to offer to his mother. The owner of Sun Record notices his devastating style and finds two musicians with whom Elvis will record his first 78 turns which will make the effect of a bomb. The following year it signs a contract with RCA and records tube on tube ("Hound Dog", "Don' T Cruel Be", "Jailhouse Rock", etc.) and plays in its first film "Coils to Me Tender". In 1958, it leaves to make its military service in Europe. It is during this period that it makes the meeting in Paris de Priscilla Beaulieu. On his return in 1960, Elvis records two albums and gives a series in concerts, then directs his career towards the cinema while turning in an incredible quantity of films of which it records the bands sounds.

The mitigated success of its films brings back it into 1968 towards the music and more mainly in the preparation of a televised show which regilds its blazon and replaces it first in the heart of the Americans. Same year 68 sees the birth of his/her only daughter LISA-Marie. Since 1969, it gives its first series in concerts in Las Vegas and turns to the four corners of the country. Between two concerts it records albums which inevitably are classified at the head of the hits parade. Its divorce, in 1972, and an unrestrained rate/rhythm push Elvis in extreme cases of his forces and on August 16, 1977 he dies of a heart attack. The crowd which attends her funeral and immense and, since her death the unconditional ones of that which became King, always amount per hundreds of thousands. It should be said that Elvis has the career most phenomenal of the history of the rock'n'roll (it has the record of titles classified in the charts) and marked this music of his print... for always.

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Elvis Presley
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