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Unless having lived on a deserted island in the medium of peaceful during the ten last years, you intended certainly to speak about Harry Potter, a young magician, who saw palpitating adventures in a series of books (on the whole, seven volumes), created by J.K Rowling. These books met as of their exits a frank success and Harry Potter was immortalisée with the cinema by Daniel Radcliffe. Here thus, for those which do not know this young hero yet, its biography :

Harry James Potter was born on July 31, 1980 in a small town of England. His/her parents Lily and James Potter, as its godfather Sirius Black make all three parties of the Order of the Phoenix. This group bringing together the most brilliant wizards of the world fights hopelessly against Lord Voldemort.
After having lived 10 terrible years in company of Dursley (his/her uncle Vernon, its aunt Pétunia and its enormous Dudley cousin), Harry is repatriated in Poudlard, a prestigious school of magic. It s’épanouie over there at the sides of his/her friends Ron Weasley, small the frenchie Hermione Granger, and the Hagrid giant. Harry discovers the joys of the magic, and integrates even the team of Quidditch de Gryffondor. A series of adventures follows then. The young wonder gradually discovers elements of its life which were unknown up to now for him, enabling him to better consider its future. With the assistance of his friends and Dumbledor (directing of Poudlard), it finds Sirius Black and discovers lasts it reality on the obscure side of the magic, its goal being to avenge his parents and to destroy the black magic.

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