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Matt Pokora was born on September 26, 1985 in Strasbourg where it grows. Raise little shining, its difficulties are accentuated when his/her parents divorce whereas it is only twelve years old and, rather than to follow the courses, it writes songs which it interprets in a small group of rap that it assembled with buddies. Divided between its passion for the music and of the studies of trade, it does not hesitate a second when the advisability of taking part in the Popstar emission arises. It gains this contest with Otis and Lionel and the trio forms the group "LinkUp". The success of the group is not with go and it is in solo that Matt decides to continue its career. It leaves its first album at the beginning of 2005 and the individual ones "It Controls Me" or "Not Without You" allure the public immediately and launches à.fond the levers the career of beautiful Matt. At the beginning of 2006, leaves the second opus Mr. Pokora ("Player") with titles of the same vein as on the preceding album which will allure the unconditional ones.

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Matt Pokora
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