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Pink Martini is an American group, created in 1994 in Portland under the impulse of Thomas Mr. Lauderdale and China Forbes.

The group Pink Martini, composed by China Forbes and Pépé Raphaël with the song, Aaron Meyer with the violin, David Eby with the violoncello, John Wager with the double bass, daN Faehnle with the guitar, Thomas M.Lauderdale with the piano, Brian Davis with the congas and percussions, Richard Rothfus with the battery, Doug Smith with the vibraphone and Robert Taylor and Gavin Bondy with coppers plays a music with various sonorities containing percussions, coppers, cords and of the voices, where mixes the cultures in an exotic and sensual sound table borrowed from the jazz and the cuban music in an environment music hall. Their first album ("Sympathetic nerve") left in 1997 meets an enormous success in France in particular thanks to the title which illustrates a publicity for Citroen. After "Hang One Little Tomato" in 2004 and one long round in Europe and in the USA the group returns in studio to deliver his third opus in 2007 "Hey Eugene". In made lines precedents this new album of Pink Martini will not disappoint the fans of music latino jazz.

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Pink Martini
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