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Édith Piaf, from its true name Édith Gassion, was born on December 19, 1915 in Paris from a father acrobat and a mother singer. After having spent the first years of her life in her grandmother, the small Edith finds her father whom it follows to the four corners of France. It is at this period that it starts to sing and to realize emotion which it gets to its listeners. At 17 years, of return in Paris, it makes the meeting of its first great love, Louis Dupont, they have together a small girl who dies into 1935 of a meningitis. This same year, Edith begins truly her career of singer in Gerny' S, a Parisian cabaret in vogue. It is a catch and the following year the Kid Piaf records his first 78 turns and plays in its first film "Garçonne" (it will play throughout her career in ten films).

It is the beginning of a long career for this small end of woman who becomes the whooping-cough of Paris and turns in the greatest varieties. It is after the war that Edith becomes a star international while going to sing in New York. It is at period that it makes the meeting of Marcel Cerdant (French boxer) and records his most known titles: "Life As A Rose", "The Three Bells", "Anthem A Love". The death of Cerdant in 1949 deeply upsets Edith and its life thereafter will be unstitched more and more. Supported morally by drugs, its professional success is with its apogee in the middle of the Fifties, and will be then long but inexorable descent into Hell. A serious car accident in 1958 and one infernal rate/rhythm come to end from Edith who breaks down on a scene of New York in 1959. Exhausted, sick and doped, Edith reconsiders the front of the artistic scene in 1961 while singing in Olympia and does the one of the newspapers people by marrying Théophanis Lamboukas, 20 years her junior, October 9, 1962 in Paris. This time it at the end of the roller and share in convalescence in the south of France where it spends the last months of its life and dies out on October 10, 1963. Its body is brought back in Paris and its death official and announced on October 11. For her funeral, with the cemetery of the Lachaise Father, an immense crowd is gathered and accompanies it to its last residence. Today still its tomb remains one the most visited of by the tourists of the whole world, obvious proof that Edith Piaf is the largest French singer of all times.

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Edith Piaf
Singer Edith Piaf
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