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Madeleine Peyroux was born in Athens (the United States) in 1973 from an acadian father with whom it owe his name of French origin and from a mother professor from French who gives him his first name in reference to Marcel Proust. She grows between California, Brooklyn and Paris, and is discovered with adolescence a true passion for the music by visiting Paris and more particularly the Latin Quarter where she finds a community of interpreters of street with which she makes her first rounds.
In 1996, at the time of a passage in New York, it is noticed by a person in charge for a house of discs which proposes to him to record an album. "Dreamland", which draws from the repertory folk and country, very as much as in that of the large divas of the jazz of years 1930 is sold with 200 000 specimens. But Madeleine, the small news in the universe of the female vocal jazz, disappears after this first test.

She makes her return in 2004 with the album "Careless Love" on which she interprets with talents of the titles of Leonard Cohen, Bessie Smith, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, or Joséphine Baker intersected with original compositions. Its stamp of voice, significant and expressive does not leave indifferent the listener and it is an enormous pleasure of finding Madeleine Peyroux in 2006 with her third opus ("Half The Perfect World"). Built on the same type as the precedent, alternation of recoveries and compositions, it is a new jewel which the beautiful one delivers to us.

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Madeleine Peyroux
Singer Madeleine Peyroux
Photography of Madeleine Peyroux


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