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Matthew Perry was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown in Massachusetts. It is born in a family from artist, wire of actor and mannequin. After the divorce of his parents, it leaves food in Ontario with his mother. But initially, it is not interested in the trade of actor, it wishes to become tennis player. He thus gives up his studies which hardly impassion it and put all on the sporting field in which he excels: tennis. But it déchante quickly, it takes drugs and does not ensure any more the various competitions, its dream sporting breaks down.
A few years later, its life takes very an other way. It moves in in his father in Los Angeles, decides to resume its studies, but the destiny in decided differently since it is located by William Richerts who proposes to him a role in her film "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Rearden" in side To rivet Phoenix. We also find it in 1989 in "She' S out of Control" of Stan Dragotti.

But it is on the small screen that Matthew makes fury, in particular in the series "Servant boys will Be Servant boys", "Madam is been useful", "What is nine Doctor" or "Beverly Hills". But it is the laughing series "Friends" which infinitely returns it since 1994 celebrates. By dividing the high-speed motorboat with his/her 5 comrades, Matthew takes down the first prize. The sitcom opens to him carry them cinema, "Thunderbolt and Conséquences" into 1997 at the sides of Salma Hayek, "My Neighbor the Killer" in 1999 with Rosanna Arquette and Bruce Willis like "My Neighbor the Killer 2" left in August 2004.
It is in this moment with the poster of "One of too" with for partner Neve Campbell and Dylan McDermott, and we can also see it in the dramas "Fever" and "The Beginning of Wisdom".

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Matthew Perry
Actor Matthew Perry
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