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Sarah Jessica Parker: the Princess of the American cinema. Elegant young woman was born on March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville in Ohio. As opposed to what one could think, it A grows in a very modest family of eight children.
As of the childhood, impassioned by the song and the dance, it very early starts its career of artist while following courses of theatre until 1982. It obtains its first role in Broadway in "The Innocents" and takes down one of the principal roles in the series "Pegs Public garden".
After obtaining the vat, it decides to make the dead end on the university for better investing itself in the trade of actress. While playing the theatre, it appears in series "A Year in The Life" and "Equal Justice".
On the personal level splendid young woman, full with class and charisma falls under the charm from Robert Downey Jr with whom it saw several years. She maintains then a relation short but impassioned with John Kennedy Jr, for finally marrying Matthew Broderick on May 19, 1997, which will give him a son in 2003.

In 1991, it plays Sandee in "L.A Story" of Mick Jackson, then it gives the counterpart to Bette Midler in "Hocus Focus" like in Bruce Willis in "turbid water Traps".
The Headstock continues to allure with the theatre and obtains a nomination in Drama Desk Awards for its sublime play in "Sylvia".
While becoming Carrie, a beautiful, funny single person, full with peps, elegance, intelligence and freshness, the actress signs for an immense success. This role which suits him as well as its pretty escarpins white will bring him glory and the recognition. "Sex And The City", the series that million televiewers is impatientent to see each week, would not be the same one without this marvellous Star of the mode and the cinema. It received besides two Goldens delicious Earths, Screen Actors Guild, but also of the nominations in Americans Comedy Awards and Emmy for the many performances carried out during the six seasons of the series. Since 2003 and the end of this series, Sarah returns towards the cinema in particular "Failure To Lauch" in 2005. Let us guarantee that l’époustouflante Sarah, which makes dream the girls, but also the men by his beauty and his devastating charm, did not finish astonishing us.

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Sarah Jessica Parker
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