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Anne Parillaud was born on May 6, 1960 in Paris. Registered with courses of theatre as of its childhood, it obtains a first minor part in "a Sand Love" in 1977 then the following year in "the Hotel Of the Beach". Its two appearances with the screen gives desire to Alain Delon for engaging it for the two films which it carries out at the beginning of the Eighties "For the Skin Of a Cop" and "the Leaf". However it is truly only into 1990 that the career of Anne explodes with her role in "Nikita" which brings a world recognition to him (This role was written to measure for it by his/her companion of the time Luc Besson).

Alas, thereafter, the French realizers do not think any more of it that for this kind of interpretation and the beautiful Anne leaves to turn to the United States or the proposals are more enticing and varied especially more ("Frankie Starlight", "Innocent Blood" or "the Man With the Iron Mask"). Finally towards the end of the Nineties, Anne makes her return in France while playing under the direction of Francis Girod in 1996 then under that of Claude Lelouch in 1999 in "For All". Finally managed to be made a name far from the "Nikita" which stuck to him so much with alternate the Anne skin since her services with the screen in films as various as "Sex Is Comedy" in 2002 or "Very To like" in 2005.

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Anne Parillaud
Actress Anne Parillaud
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