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Vanessa Chantal Paradis was born on December 22, 1972 in Saint Maur the Ditch in Paris area. It makes its first appearance in the world of the spectacle, with television, in a contest of song for child, it at just seven years. Five years later, it records a first 45 turns, "the Magic Of the Surprised Parts", at the time of Eurovision of the children. Its career really starts in 1987 when "Joe the Taxi" becomes the tube of the year and caracol at the head of the French hits and English during several weeks. The individual ones are connected, "Manolo Manolete", "Marylin and John", and, gives rise to the first album: "M & J". In 1989, Vanessa takes its first steps in the world of the cinema and transforms the test by receiving César of the Best Female Hope for its role in "White Wedding". From this moment, Vanessa is divided between cinema and music, and connects meetings studio, turnings and concerts.

It becomes also representing it of the Chanel mark for a pub campaign which makes the turn of the world. May 27, 1999, Vanessa puts at the world its first child, Lily-pink, whose dad is not other than Johnny Depp. The same year leaves "the Girl On the bridge" which gains a very good success in Europe and in the United States. The following year it returns to the song, with "Bliss", made up amongst other things, by M. This 5th opus shows us a woman of today. A mother, serene, which shares with us this new happiness. To supplement its happiness, Vanessa gives birth to its second child, Jack on April 10, 2002. In 2004, Vanessa associates for the first time its two passions while taking part in the Original Band of the film "Atomik Circus" in which it also interprets an astonishing singer of country. At the beginning of 2005, it returns to the cinema in "My Angel". In 2007, Vanessa Paradis reconsiders the front of the musical scene, surrounded of M, Thomas Fersen, Alain Chamfort, etc for his album "Divinidylle".

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Vanessa Paradis
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