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Florent Pagny was born on November 6, 1961 in Chalons on the Saone. He very early shows an interest for the song and sings Shine Mariano and of the Michel Sardou in the family house. To the 15 years age, tried by an artistic career, it goes up to Paris or it assiduously follows courses to the academy of Levallois Perret and earns its living by connecting the odd jobs. Whereas he is a barman in one limps of night, he is located by the person in charge for the casting of "Diva", a film of Jean Jacques Beineix, who offers a minor part in this film to him. Figurations in minor parts, Florent connects turnings for the cinema as for television. In 1985, it finds finally the means of being expressed in the field which is due to him in heart and records the credits of film of Michel Gerard, "Wound". Two years later, it records its first individual "Anything", success is immediate for this anticonformist man and rebel.

But the medal with a reverse: its blows of mouth and payments of account weary the press which boycotts it. Its career advances while following tops and bottoms: it gains a Victoire of the Music in 1989 and the following year its second album passes unperceived. The age brings a little rest to the heart of Florent who becomes more diplomat in the choice of his texts what enables him to meet a more durable success near the public to gain his place in the medium of stars of the French variety. In 1997, its album "Knowledge To like" gains an enormous success, since, Florent connects the albums at the rate/rhythm of every two years and alternates his life between France and Patagonie or it has with his wife a farm and 4000 hectare of ground which enables him to be devoted to its passions: the motor bike and fishing. In 2004, Florent attacks an ambitious project: "Baritone", an album made up of titles of the traditional repertory. This album is a true success! For its return in 2006 with the album "Abracadabra" Florent returns to a more pop style and delivers a superb album with texts always also interesting as in "the Wall" or "Where I There Will take You along". 2007, a new style exercise for which records Florent Pagny "Pagny Chante Brel", a tribute to eleven titles one of his idols.

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Florent Pagny
Singer Florent Pagny
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