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Born sicilian parents on April 25, 1940, Alfredo James Pacino passes his youth with his/her mother in her grandparents in Bronx, a district of New York.
It is interested very early in the theatre and at 14 years, it enters in High School of Performing Arts, which he must leave 3 years later because of a too low English level. But it does not disarm and in 1966 it integrates prestigious Actor' S Studio.
In 1969 Al Pacino begins with the cinema with a minor part in "ME. Natalie "of Fred Coe, then it obtains the principal role in excellent" the Panic grass in needle park ". From this moment its cinematographic career will pack et al. Pacino connects a series of films which oscillate between the excellent one and chief-to œuvre: "the godfather", "the scarecrow", "Serpico", "One afternoon of dog", "godfather II". Al Pacino accumulates the rewards with the four corners of planet.

Since the end of the Sixties ten, Al Pacino does not connect that chief-of œuvre and in 1983 its meeting with Brian de Palma gives rise to "Scarface", then Al replonge for a series of film without great interests.
In 1993, it gains the Oscar of the best actor for "the one weekend time". It connects since turnings at the rate/rhythm of a film per annum on average and regularly is rewarded for quality for its play making for him a true legend alive for the 7th art. Al Pacino never married, but he is however father of three children (Julie-Marie, Anton and Olivia) with the actress Beverly d' Angelo.

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