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Sinéad O' Connor was born on December 8, 1966 in Dublin in Ireland. It is interested only tardily in the music and decides to become singer while falling at 17 years under the charm from Aretha Franklin.
It is in 1988 that she writes and leaves its first album "The Lion and the Cobra", playing on the provoc' the young woman is pointed out more and more by texts with the revolted words, she denounces the hypocrisy of the world. Disavowing any religion, it tears the photograph of the Pope at the time of a televisual appearance and refuses to sing the American national anthem lasting one in its concerts. Its shaven physique of rock'n'roll star to cranium shock the public so much so that the nickname of "Skinhead O' Connor" is allotted to him.

In spite of appearances the goddess of hard rock has a large heart all the same, since it join to multiple demonstrations against the AIDS like for Amnesty International. In parallel, it continues the writing of its albums always better than the precedents. Etonamment, it integrates in 1998 Tridentine Church in order to there be ordered priest, but a few months later the revelation of its homosexuality is missing to him and it misses by little expulsion. Then follows long and difficult period intermingling depression and suicide attempts.
But it returns stronger than ever in 2000 with "Faith & Courage" then in 2002 with "She Who Dwells", than it announces being its last album. Fortunately, it of it was nothing and Sinéad returns at the end of 2005 with a new album "Throw Down Your Arms" made up of resumptions of reggae. Always there or it is not awaited, there is extremely to bet that Sinéad will continue to dissociate pop showbiz by borrowing more spiritual and major voices which make of it an artist impossible to circumvent.

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Sinead O'Connor
Singer Sinead O'Connor
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