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Pascal Obispo was born on January 8, 1965 in Bergerac. Wire of a footballer of the team of Of Gironde of Bordeaux. Child, it thinks of becoming professional basketball player, but his/her parents separate and Pascal follows his mother to Rennes. It is there that it is discovered a true passion for the music. In 1988 it assembles its first group (Senso), records a first 45 turns and sign a contract at Epic. In 1992 leaves "More than all in the world" its first album which meets a success is immediate, in particular thanks to the song titrates.

It leaves in round during more than one year. It returns in the vats in 1994, with "One day like today": 400 000 copies sold, a round in more than sixty colleges through the country, first started from Celine Dion, Pascal Obispo become a phenomenon. In 1996, "Superfluous" explodes all the records with more than one million sold albums. Pascal starts to write for the others: in particular for Zazie, Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny, Patricia Kaas, Calogero. It writes for many artists and is devoted to several projects at the same time.
In 1999 it composes the musical "the Ten Commands", put in scene by Ellie Chouraqui, A the end of this same year it Marie with Isabelle Funaro, a young mannequin with which it shares its life since more than one year. Their idylle gives rise to a little boy (Sean) who is born in October 2000.
Pascal Obispo also invests himself in a expensive topic in his heart: the fight counters the AIDS. With Line Renaud they mobilize 100 artists to record the album "' Together against the AIDS".
In January 2001, Pascal receives his first reward at the time of the NRJ Music Award like Meilleur French-speaking Male Artist.
The year 2002 sees the result of a great first by making "Love United" the first project caritative joining together 21 country. Pascal Obispo had the idea to associate his passion for football the fight against the AIDS in which it has been invested for several years.
2003 sign the great return of Pascal Obispo on scene. The topic of its round in which it pays homage to its idols: "fan". The first individual one extracted the spectacle, enables him to express its passion for Michel Polnareff. Second is dedicated to the heroes of rising generation, in fact the footballer Zinedine Zidane.
In March 2004, Obispo leaves a double album containing live its round and an album studio containing the news sobrement entitled fan. It is then necessary for the fans to wait two long years before finding Pascal in a new album, "Les Fleurs Du Bien", which with titles like "Rosa" or "Sur La Voix Ferré" delivers once again a perfect production to us.
Pascal Obispo is one of the most prolific artists of the French variety, hope that that will continue a long time for the greatest pleasure of our ears.

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Pascal Obispo
Singer Pascal Obispo
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