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Obispo Pascal

The Oasis group was born in Manchester in 1991, it was the group with success of the years 1990. This melting-pot of talents was initially composed of Liam Gallagher (singer), his/her brother Noël Gallagher (Lead guitar), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (Rhythm guitar), Paul "Guigsy" Mc Guigan (low), and finally of Tony Mc Caroll (battery) remplaçé by Alan White whereas they swam in success (In 2004, the composition of the group changes. We find the Gallagher brothers of course (with the same functions), Gem Archer (Rhythm Guitar), Andy Bell (low since 1999) and Zak Starkey (battery, provisional substitute).

Oasis signs in 1993 at Creation Records thanks to the producer Alan McGee.
But it is into 1994 that success is really made feel, with individual "Live Forever" which reaches signal 10 and remains 1 year classified in the charts of Great Britain. Their first small jewel "Definitely Maybe" becomes the album more sold British musical history and enters directly at the head of the sales. The Oasis tidal wave extends then to the USA.
A few years later, the fans await impatiently the second album of the group, and they will not be disappointed. "Some Might Say", "Wonderwall", and "Don' T Look Back in Anger" extracted from this camaieux musical are n°1 sales.
The group will gather 250000 people August the 10, and 11 1996 in Knebworth Park, this figure seldom reached by others appears almost banal for those which became the most sensual myth of the history.
Although their third album is crowned success, the critics qualify it "derivative" and "repetitive", two contradictory words which badly define the music of these immense Rock Stars.
During two years, Oasis is made more discrete but continuous work on the fourth album which will leave in 2000. The sales and criticisms are unfortunately disappointing.
But they are caught up with on the 5th album, left in 2002 "Heathen Chemistry" which was very well accomodated by fans and critical.
"Lyla" extracted from "Don' T believe the truth" their sixth album left in May 2005 is them 7th n°1 Britannique, they receive then some rewards, "Most Successful Act of the last decade 1995-2005" thanks to the 766 weeks of presences in the charts of individual and albums of Great Britain. The group ultra sex is thus made a place in the book of the records at the heading "Book of British Hits individual and Albums".
This group which comes us straight of the Kingdom is a true little marvel, the way suave and sensual of Liam is a pleasure for the ears, and the play of the musicians an one-way ticket for the paradise ...

O Connor Sinead
Olsen Ashley Mary-K
Pacino Al
Pagny Florent
Paltrow Gwyneth
Panettiere Hayden
Paradis Vanessa
Parillaud Anne
Parker Sarah Jessica
Paul Sean
Pausini Laura
Paz Raul
Perry Matthew
Peyroux Madeleine


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