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Nougaro was born in Toulouse on September 9, 1929. Any young person, it is plunged in the music: his/her father is a baritone with the Opera and his mother pianist, but it listens to also jazz "on the radio of the kitchen at his grandparents", Charles Trénet or Edith Piaf. However, it does not move immediately towards the music, because it did not have enough voice to be a baritone and did not play of any instrument. It touches initially journalism, before saying poems in the cabarets then to write songs for Philippe Clay and Marcel Amont.
It then starts to sing itself its compositions, but will not be its first great success that in 1963 with "I am under" (under, under your balcony). It worked then with Baden Powell, Dave Brubeck, of the African percussionnists, adapting the musical influences to make of the "Nougaro", mixture of swing and poetry.

During its career it published a score of discs or albums ("You will see", "Friendly way", "Nougayork", "the Pacific"), given innumerable concerts, crossed some cardiac problems and was constantly renewed, while preserving its neat diction and its sunny accent. It also sang its city "Toulouse", its daughter "Cecile", "the jazz and the java", and of innumerable pieces where marry gouaille and poetry.
With the paddle of its 70 years, it publishes a book, "On words", gathering almost the totality of its texts, illustrated by around fifty of drawings of its hand.
It was defined itself as a "troubadour baroque" and "the antione". ", it has says to Him in an interview, it incarnates the joy in life, freshness, me I am a tormented type, which seeks to find a lost paradise. Trenet is the fair one with the blue eyes, extraverti, I am the small black cathare, for which it is hard to be on the boxing ring of the life ".
To celebrate at the same time its 70 years and its 45 years of song, in September 99, it had been made citizen of honor of Blagnac, in the Toulouse suburbs. Claude Nougaro died on March 5, 2004 in Paris at the 74 years age.

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Claude Nougaro
Singer Claude Nougaro
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