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Nougaro Claude

Chris Noth was born on November 13, 1954 in Madison in Wisconsin. Thanks to its mom to defer, Chris traverses the world (England, Spain, Yugoslavia...) what enables him to acquire at the same time maturity and independence, two qualities recommended when one wants to become actor!
It then decides to be posed in order to initially follow courses of theatre in Sanford Meisner Center then to the school of theatre of Yale.
A few years afterwards, it begins its career while taking part in Smirthereens, and while playing in many telefilms. But the public notices it later only 8 years in "Law & Order", series in which there will remain five seasons. Unfortunately beautiful the quinquagénaire does not see its contract being renewed with the great despair of its fans fallen under his obvious charm.

But Christopher does not intend to remain about it there, it has been raised and adapted the role of Mr. Big in one of best the American series for already several years: "Sex&The City". It plays there the at the same time soft and cruel lover of superb Carrie Bradshow.
In parallel with the series, it plays in "Only in the World" at the sides of Tom Hanks. Indicator which the popularity of Chris increases by day in day, the producers of "Law & Order" seem good to point out it. It thus remakes its appearance in the series in 2005.

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Chris Noth
Actor Chris Noth
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