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Philippe Noiret was born on October 1, 1930 in Lille (France). After several failure with the baccalaureat and a stop in its studies, Philippe Noiret decides to be directed towards the theatre and takes courses to become actor. In 1953, it integrates the troop of the Popular National Theatre (it is which it will make the meeting of Monique Chaumette, who will become his wife in 1962 and with whom it will have a girl) and occurs in many parts. It is tested with the cinema since 1956 while appearing in "the Short Point", or a few times later in "Zazie In the Subway", but these short appearances do not enable him to burst the screen.

It is thus with the theatre that Philippe Noiret expresses himself until the end of the 60 and its first true role in "the Life Of Castle" carried out by Jean-Paul Rappeneau. It quickly becomes one of the pet of the realizers (Bertrand Tavernier, Yves Boisset, Philippe de Broca, etc.) and turns with the largest actors. In 1976, Philippe Noiret is rewarded by its first César for his interpretation in "Old Rifle" for Robert Enrico. Popular actor and sympathetic nerve become a star impossible to circumvent of the French cinema, Philippe Noiret is with the many poster film with success like "Blow Of cloth", "Ripoux" or "the Life Is Nothing different" which is worth second César in 1990 to him. Untiring, it alternates turnings and the plays which it likes to continue to play to feel the public. In 2005, it makes its last film "Edy", a police comedy of the young realizer Stéphan Guerin-Tillié. In July 2006 it receives the Legion Of Honor, rewards ultimate coming to greet its talent. November 23, 2006, Philippe Noiret dies of the continuations of a long disease, it leaves behind him surroundings 125 films and of very many plays.

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Philippe Noiret
Actor Philippe Noiret
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