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Noiret Philippe

Noir Désir was born from the meeting, at the beginning of the Eighties, of four buddies, Bertrand Cantat, Serge Tessot-Gay, Denis Barthes and Vincent Leriche who decides to assemble a rock'n'roll group inspired by groups like AC/DC, Doors or Led zeppelin.

The technique is not their strong point, but the group is burst and through work ends up assembling a series of original pieces which attracts the ear of certain producer. In 1987, after having maximum left, the group signs a contract with a house of discs and after two years of work, fate "Please Return the Heart to Which It Belongs". The tube "With the Dark Heroes of the Land-mark" (disputed by the group which refuses a noisy promotion) made known in all France this new group of rock'n'roll and lance its career on the hats of wheels. The committed words their titles, on sonorities rock'n'roll of their music, allure a large audience which adores to find the group in concert, and Noir Désir is not miserly of this kind of service.
Each album is followed of an interminable round which carries out the group to the four corners of the hexagon and further still. In the middle of the Nineties the group separates a few months to take a bowl of air and to alleviate certain tensions felt in the past, finally, in 1996, Frederic Vidalenc yields his place to Jean-Paul Roy. The group records its album "666.667 Club" which brings back the group to its energetic origins, mad but also impassioned. After a turned long news, the group is on the way to dissolve and "Noir Désir" disappears until 2001 and the exit from their last album studio "From the Faces, Of the Figures". This opus is worth to them a Victoire of the Music into 2002 that Bertrand Cantat thanks by a committed speech which denounces as in its texts universalization and Fascism.
In 2004, Bertrand Cantat is condemned by the court of Vilnius (Lithuania) to eight years of firm prison to have beaten and have caused the death of her Marie Trintignant partner in August 2003. This tragedy episode puts a term at the adventure of the group "Noir Désir" (it is however possible that the group left a last album after the release Bertrand to respect the contract with the house of discs) which during 20 years was the principal one carries word of the French rock'n'roll and with especially transmitted a message which, it should it be hoped does not have to leave the indifferent public.

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Noir Desir
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