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Yannick Noah was born in Sedan on May 18, 1960. It is the fruit of two cultures: his/her father, Zacharie, are of Cameronian origin and professional footballer with Sedan, his mother, Marie-Claire, is French and professor.
Whereas Yannick is three years old, its family leaves France for Yaounde in Cameroun. It is there that it grows between its two passions: the reggae and tennis. Noticed by its trainer, he becomes a small champion towards the ten years age. Encouraged by the American player Arthur Ashe, Yannick embarks for France. It makes strong impression by its breadth and the technical and physical quality of its play.

At only 17 years, it gains its first great tournament junior in Wimbledon.
The dedication occurs in 1983. It gains the tournament of Roland Garros, with all the French people behind him. After years of high level tennis, Yannick puts a term at its career at the dawn of the Nineties and tries a first reconversion in the drive.
In 1991 Yannick records its first individual "Saga Africa", this title taken again in chorus by the spectators at the time of the finale of the Davis Cut makes dance and sing whole France throughout the summer.
The album "Black and what" leaves the following year, with this album very rock'n'roll and a round marathon, Yannick Noah proves to the public and to the critics that its reconversion is possible.
In 1996, it carries out the team of female France to the victory in the EDF Cup (the equivalent of the Davis Cut in the girls).
In 2000, the album sobrement entitled Yannick Noah, recorded in France and in Cameroun leaves and cases in all the hits parades, carried out by individual "the Simon Papa Tared", in homage to his/her Cameronian grandfather and always with the profit of the "Children of the Earth". Because, in love with the life in all circumstances, Yannick uses also its notoriety for noble causes by creating with his/her mother "the children of the Earth", then "Festival the wall", associations caritative coming helps some with the underprivileged children.
Yannick Noah the artist made a success of his reconversion perfectly. For proof its last opus: Pokhara, in 2003 and Live 2002 which retranscribes the environment of festival conveyed on scene by the singer.
Side cœur, this father of family posts also an energy without fault. After two divorces of with Cécilia and Heather, divorces as media as its sporting exploits, Yannick joins again with serenity near his/her four children (Joachim, Yelena, Elyjah and Jenaye).
In 2006 Yannick Noah reconsiders the front of the scene with a new album "Charango", which will charm the fans with titles as "Donne-Moi Une Vie" or"Te Quiero".

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