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Noah Yannick

It is the singer guitarist Kurt Cobain (born on February 20, 1967) by discovering the punk rock'n'roll and in particular Sex Pistols which decides to assemble a group in 1985. With Krist Novoselic (bass player born on May 16, 1965) and Dale Crover (beater) the trio turns on Seattle and its area but does not manage to be a name: "Fecal Matter", "Bliss", "Windowpane", etc before choosing Nirvana in 1988 for the exit of their first individual. In 1989, the group records its first album "Bleach" but the true success of the group starts when David Grohl (born on January 14, 1969) comes to replace Dale Crover and brings a new blood to the rate/rhythm of the group.

In 1991, Nirvana leaves its second album ("Nevermind") which brings a recognition to them world and in fact, with the great despair of Kurt, a group headlight and symbol of a whole anticonformist generation to the neglected vestimentary behaviour (grunge) which finds in the group its door word. Reach of an incurable evil, Kurt Cobain takes drugs with length of day and manages with difficulty to however face its obligations in 1992, it marries Courtney Love which gives him a girl (Frances) on August 18 of the same year. The exit of "Incesticide" in 1992 then of "In Utero" in 1993 meets same enormous successes as "Nevermind" and is classified as of their left among the best sales. In March 1994 the group puts an end prematurely to its European round bus Kurt is exhausted morally. It commits suicide on 5 April 1994 by leaving orphan a whole generation which believed in him and in its group.

Noir Desir
Noiret Philippe
Noth Chris
Nougaro Claude
Nova Heather
Nutini Paolo
Obispo Pascal
O Connor Sinead
Olsen Ashley Mary-K
Pacino Al
Pagny Florent
Paltrow Gwyneth
Panettiere Hayden


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