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Jack Nicholson (of its true John first name) was born on April 22, 1937, in Neptune (New Jersey). His/her mother, 14 years old to her birth entrusts it to her parents and is made pass for her sister. In 17 years, it settles in Los Angeles where it exerts various small trades. Impassioned by the cinema it puts a first foot in the studios of the MGM as a boy of races. Decided to become actor, it takes courses of comedies and obtains its first role in 1958 in "Cry baby Killer". During ten years, Jack Nicholson multiplies the more or less important roles in films with small budgets and facts also of many appearances in televised series.

In 1969, it is really discovered by the public in "Easy Rider". This film, which marks the beginnings of a new cinematographic kind, the road-movie, tells the wander of two motorcylcists in America of the Seventies. This role is worth a nomination with the Oscars to him. From this moment the roles are connected and Jack turns with largest: Minnelli, Polanski, Antonioni, Arthur Penn, Kubrick or Forman, in "Flight above a nest of cuckoo", which is worth its first Oscar to him.
Covered of international prices, Jack Nicholson is of these blazing actors who touch with all the kinds successfully.

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Jack Nicholson
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