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Nadal Rafael

The Naast group was born from the meeting in 2004 with Joinville-the-Bridge (France) from Gustave (guitarist) and Nicolas (beater). The duet quickly becomes a quartet and Jeff (low) and Lucas (guitar) come to supplement the group.

The group occurs in bars then of small rooms where it attracts world more and more. Their music rock'n'roll and their devastating look make the remainder. Noticed by a producer, Naast records in 2006 its first individual "Bad lot". Vis-a-vis at the request of a public increasingly many, an album ("Anteroom") leaves at the beginning of 2007 thus marking the entry in the court large for the four boys in the wind.

Naidoo Xavier
Nicholson Jack
Noah Yannick
Noir Desir
Noiret Philippe
Noth Chris
Nougaro Claude
Nova Heather
Nutini Paolo
Obispo Pascal
O Connor Sinead
Group Naast
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