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Group MUSE consists of three musicians Matthew Bellamy (born 9/06/1978) with the guitar and the song, Chris Wolstenholme (born 2/12/1978) with low and Dominic Howard (born 12/07/1977) with the battery. It is in Teignmouth in England that the three boys begin what will become a headlight group while playing together as of the age 13 years. After testhaving tested various names like Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty and Rocket Dolls Baby, the 3 collaborators decide into 1997 to call their group MUSE. It is in 1998, with the recording of first maximum which really their victorious career begins. In 1999, the group leaves its first album, "Showbiz", which meets a great success in addition to handle and a little everywhere in Europe. Often compared with Radiohead, MUSE moves away a little from the sound of this group for its second album which leaves after a long series concert in 2001: "Origin Of Symmetry".

The group confirms with this album its talent and becomes an institution of the alternative rock'n'roll. After the exit in 2002 of an album live then, at the end of 2003, from its third album studio ("Discharge"), MUSE returns in 2006 with "Black Holes And Revelations". On guitars failing, of agreements of the light or dramatic pianos, of the fascinating rates/rhythms, the voice of Matthew Bellamy, even more envoûtante, delivers its black texts or planing worthy of MUSE and unceasingly confirms in comparison with the number crescent of the sales that MUSE became a group impossible to circumvent of scale international.

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