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Eddie Murphy, from its true name Edward Regan Murphy, was born on April 2, 1961 in New York. It proves very gifted for the imitation and the comedy as of its more tender childhood and gives its first representation in public to the 15 years age in its college. It improves this first spectacle and gives it in various houses of young new Yorkean until the day or it is pointed out by a manager. At 19 years, it takes part in an emission of television and allured the public thanks to its imitations and its interpretations. In 1982, it is engaged for its first role with the cinema in "48 Hours" then connects successes with "the Cop of Beverly Hills", "an Armchair For Two", etc. In 1983, it marries Nicole Mitchell who will give him five children.

Eddie crosses the Eighties while becoming one of the actors most popular of its country and receives many rewards for its various roles. The beginning of the Nineties is one difficult period for Eddie which enchaine bad films. Fortunately, in 1996 its interpretation in "Professor Foldingue" gives it on the way of success. One finds it in 1998 in "Doctor Doolittle", in which it carries out a true performance by interpreting seven different roles. It turns with Robert De Niro in 2001 in "Showtime" and is the high-speed motorboat of "the Haunted Manor And the 999 Phantoms" in 2003. The following year, as it had done at the time of the first episode and in "Mulan" it lends its voice to Shrek for the continuation of its adventures.

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Eddie Murphy
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