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Munoz Miguel Angel

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg. He reveals extraordinary gifts for the music as of the three years age and writes his first compositions as of the six years age. Consequently its existence is occupied by many voyages in all Europe and is unceasingly devoted to the composition. With the age of 11 he writes its first opera (Apollo and Hyacinthus). From 1769 to 1773, Mozart goes regularly to Italy to study there the opera, forms musical in which it will excel, "the Weddings of Barber", "Gift Giovanni" or "the Magic Flute" are some example among most known. In 1781 it is fixed in Vienna and wife Constance Weber the following year. Together they will have six child, of which two only will live beyond the early childhood. In 1784, Mozart enters the frank-maçonnerie, and quickly climbs the levels to become Maître in April 1785. He writes many œuvres for his brothers masons, of which "Maurerische Trauermusik" (maconnic funeral music).

During the last years of his life, Mozart is sick, and chronically involved in debt in spite of its many successes, remunerated very well, because it carries out large way of life. It composes much: sonatas, concertos, symphony, operas, almost that chiefs of œuvre. In 1790 the new emperor, Leopold II which likes neither the franks masons nor Mozart, that Ci finds himself in disgrace. Mozart dies in Vienna the following year, December 5, 1791, in a nearly general indifference. A few decades after its death an quasi-exhaustive chronological catalogue inventorying its compositions (more than 600 works) makes it possible to imagine the amount of work provided by this type-setter except par.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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