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Kate Moss was discovered by Sarah Doukas of the Storm agency to airport JFK whereas it was 14 years old. It appeared in several British magazines before becoming the egery of Calvin Klein. Klein felt the fascination exerted on the jean-tee-shirt generation, and made it famous in the whole world by choosing it for its publicity campaigns
It then became a signal model and one saw it on first page of all the magazines of mode. But this success was accompanied by many criticisms on its physique which was contrary à.la.mode time. Indeed its "relative" small size and especially its smoothness clashed in the universe of Claudia Schiffer to the opulent chest and the developed forms. And whereas a short career was predicted to him, that made 6 years that Kate is with the Signal After having given rise to a small fore-mentioned girl Lila Grace in 2002, Kate with taken again service, in particular for Channel for whom it will be representing it of the range Coco Miss in 2005.Des charges of the English press relating to the drug-taking could curb its career.
Date of birth: January 16, 1974
Birthplace: Croydon, Surrey
Nationality: English (it lives in France)
Color of hair: Ca depends, chatain
eyes: hazel nut
It was a long time with Johnny Depp before marrying the singer of rock'n'roll Pete Doherty.

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