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Moore Demi, from its true name Demetria Guynes Gene, was born on November 11, 1962 in Roswell (the USA). It grows between a mother and a father-in-law who drink, disputes and moves at least 30 times. Demi leaves the school at 16 years to pose in some magazines. This first step in the artistic world encourages it to continue front while being tested with the comedy. In 1981, it becomes one of the second roles of the series "Central Hospital" but success turns the head to him and Demi plunges in drug. It manages to go up the slope and obtains increasingly interesting roles. In 1987, it marries another star rising of Hollywood, Bruce Willis (together they have three children, Rumer in 1988, Scout LaRue in 1991 and Tallulah Belle en1996). The year 1990 marks a watershed in its life of actress when it is retained to play the sides of Patrick Swayze in "Ghost". The film makes a paperboard and Demi becomes one of the actress best paid American cinema for the roles than it interprets thereafter ("Thought Mortals", "Of the Indecent Proposal", "Men of honour", "Harassing, etc.).

However starting from the middle of the Nineties, Demi makes a series of hazardous choice and the public moves away from it, but beautiful A more than one cord with its arc and product in 1997 "Austin Powers". From this date beautiful the Demi is done rare on the screens and is interested more and more in the production, but it plays in 2003 in "Charlie' S Angels - the Angels Break out". In 2005, it marries l_actor Ashton Kutcher and makes with Anthony Hopkins in "Bobby" a film which recalls the last hours of the senator Robert F Kennedy.

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