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Dominic Monaghan was born on December 8, 1976 in Berlin in Germany. It is by viewing "Wars Star" that small Dominic then 9 years old is impassioned for the cinema. He and its family leaves Germany in 1988 for Manchester in England. To the Aquinas college, it follows studies of English literature, geography and theatre. It takes part then in parts organized by the school and is made locate by an agent which registers it with the casting of the series "Hetty Wainthropp" test that it passes successfully. Dominic thus remains on the small screen during four seasons. It furrows then turnings, one sees it in "Monsignor Renard" in 1999 and "This is Personal: The Hunt for has Yorkshire Ripper"en 2000. Meanwhile, it auditions for the role of a hobby in the "Lord of the rings", and its talent once more allures the realizers, nice Dominic thus becomes tiny Meriadoc Brandebouc, one of the principal characters of the trilogy.

Since, its fans had the chance to see it in films "Year Insomniac' S nightmare", "Spivs", "The Purifiers" or "Shooting Livien". It is in 2004 one of the heroes of brilliant and promising series "Lost". Also impassioned by the writing, it Co-writing a scenario with one of his/her colleagues of turning Billy Boyd (Pippin in the "Lord of the Rings").

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Dominic Monaghan
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